Meet Our Team


Meet Our Skin Care and Beauty Experts

Our team lives for all that's beautiful and ready to share their beauty savvy to help you

achieve your beauty goals. 


Esthetician, Tara Smith

Tara is a Master Esthetician and worked under the tutelage of Grand Dame Aida Gray of Beverly Hills. Tara has been transforming

 skins from L.A. to New York since 2009.


Lash And Brow Specialist Marielle Goethe

 Marielle started her career 

in Barcelona until her skills took her to Hollywood where she landed blockbuster films padding the lashes of A-listers. Today she's helping women achieve a little Hollywood glamour in their lives.

Criteria for induction


The Skin Curator's collection comprises products that are held to a higher standard.

With the information overload on skin care products available online and the sensational claims brands often make, it becomes difficult for consumers to know which products live up to their claims.


In addition, the excessive chemicals used in beauty products is astounding and most consumers want to steer clear of these ingredients. To do so would require the consumer to become versed in scientific terms and commit to thorough research in chemicals and biology in order to understand which products are safe to use and which products should be eliminated.

Clean Beauty is about safety over source. That includes both natural and synthetic materials. Not all natural ingredients are safe and not all synthetic ingredients are toxic.  Clean Beauty brands are focused on not using ingredients that are known to be harmful or irritating but rather ones that are safe and effective.

The Skin Curator vets products by first eliminating products and brands containing harmful ingredients. The second phase of the vetting process is to find those most effective brands from this pool of clean products. The third phase of the vetting process is to find the real performance stars within a brand's line. Our collections consists of hero products fr the best and cleanest skin care, makeup and lifestyle products available. 

We offer the best in class in terms of results and quality.

Our products are divided into two groups; one being Safe And Clean and the other Safe And Organic. 

1. Safe And Clean

These products are the best of products made from plant-based and chemical ingredients but without the harshest common chemicals used in some of the most prestigious brands. Chemicals that have been studied and shown to cause harm internally/externally or both.


1.The Ingredients are a mix of organic, natural or chemical.

2. Chemicals used have not shown conclusive scientific evidence to cause deleterious health effects.

3. No product may contain BHA or BHT, Parabens, Formaldehyde, SLS, Phthalate, Triclosan, Toluene, polyfluoroalkyl substances, PEG compounds, benzophenone, DEA and related substances, PABA, avobenzone, oxybenzone, homosalate

xycinnmate, triphenyl phosphate, Parabens, Octyl Methoxycinnamate 

4. Product delivers on its claims.

5. Product provides superior results.

2. Safe And Organic

These products are the best of certified organic and/or products made with predominantly organic ingredients. Some clean products are made according to the same or similar standards set by organic certified, but do not contain the certification. These products most often use the same preservatives used according to certified organic standard. These companies must demonstrate a commitment to clean products and stand behind their sourcing.


1. Product contains ingredients that are plant-based natural or organic or both.

2. Preservatives will not damage the skin or health.

3. Product must deliver on its claims.

4. Product provides superior results.

5. Product can be certified organic or ecocert.

6. Product can be made of plant-based natural ingredients yet not contain organic certification.

We don't accept the use of exotic animal by-products.

We steer clear of products containing honey or its by-products, but in some instances,certain products have been approved. 

We do not support or promote any company that engages in animal testing.



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