Specialty Products Are What We're All About

Specialty Products Are What We're All About


Welcome to The Skin Curator, a curated skin care and lifestyle boutique for the discerning woman.

I'm Annaliza Spiga and I've been in the health and beauty industry for 30 years. It’s my goal to share with my following a European approach to preserve the skin. The Europeans start skin care from a dietary approach and then work outwards to the surface of the skin. 

Little did I know that when I began working in my aunt's perfume stores in Rome, Italy as a teenager that I would make a career in beauty. I started caring for my skin at the age of 13. My aunt prescribed for me Sisley skin care products, starting with a cleanser, toner and day lotion.  She also taught me a specific protocol that has served me extremely well and today I am teaching the same protocol to my following. 

Over the years I've worked for some of the biggest cosmetic companies in the world. So, I learned early on the importance of quality ingredients to protect the skin from the aging elements of the environment. I’ve translated the information I’ve culled to curate a collection of some of the best skin care products from around the world that deliver fantastic results without harming your skin in the long term. 

The Skin Curator sells clean, niche, specialty products that deliver a WOW effect.  Who has time for anything less? 

Our personal consultations address customers' concerns and objectives, customizing a no-nonsense, effective routine that changes as the customer moves through the transformation process. In addition, to better serve our clientele we offer beauty services that can greatly enhance and speed up transformation for those that must look their absolute natural best all the time.

In beauty, health and love!