Aging Skin

 Are fine lines creeping into your lip line?

Crow's feet  visible even when your face is at rest?

Are Brown Spots popping up everywhere?

Is your skin just losing vitality - it just doesn't seem to respond the way it used?

Did you know there is a lot you can do to improve and even erase some of these most typical signs of skin aging?

As our skin ages, it changes.

  • it becomes thinner                                                                                              
  • loses fat and appears flatter as it loses volume
  • hydration levels drop diminishing the plumpness and smoothness of youth
  • capillaries break as they become weaker and are more visible as your skin becomes thinner
  • wounds take longer to heal and often leave a brown spot in its wake
  • blood circulation decreases changing the color of your skin
  • yellowish areas and brown spots start to appear

The circulation of blood to the skin slows and this is the foundational cause of most of our aging skin issues.

While this may sound dismal there is a lot you can do to reverse the signs of aging and slow down its progression. While there are dozens of approaches to healthy aging, we focus on skin aging and while we advocate clean eating, probiotics, and other supplements this kit focuses solely on topical applications.

It is a myth that it's too late to help your skin when you are older. It's never too late. You can improve the condition of the skin at any age. 

If you are serious about improving your health and your looks then you must start with blood flow.

After the age of 25 you lose 1% of blood flow to the skin every year. In addition, nitric oxide slows down dramatically. (image B - scared cat)

 Nitric oxide is a gas that our bodies produce and is responsible for thousands of critical processes, but the most important one is BLOOD FLOW. By the age of 50 nitric oxide drops to about 35% of what you produced at 20.

Poor blood flow means poor oxygenation and nutrient delivery. Your skin becomes deprived of its life source. Without a rich supply of nutrients, dense blood, your skin ages rapidly. While the kit gives you the key products to revive your skin, we also teach you how to increase blood flow to your skin every day.

We focus on three key factors when bringing the skin back to youth.

  1. Restoration
  2. Recovery
  3. Rejuvenation

We give you the tools to restore blood flow. We then recover the skin by correcting key processes that go wrong. Alongside recovery we begin the rejuvenation process.

You're asking how do you recover the skin?

How can you know what processes are going wrong with my skin?

This Skin Curator Anti-Aging Kit

Aging Skin Kit


We don't, but stem cells do.  

We address the slowdown of functions within the skin that signal aging. Certain products restore function while other products recover the skin from the loss of function. Rejuvenation starts the moment the skin is restored; however, we aid rejuvenation by speeding up cell renewal to increase results.  This kit combines the right products at the right time to deliver superior transformative results without time-consuming and a complicated regiment.

And because we live in a very polluted environment, we know the importance of clean products. There is no reason to add another layer of chemicals into your daily life just to have beautiful skin. All our products pass our strict Prohibited Ingredient list so you can rest assured that transformation is not at the expense of your health. The Skin Curator Age Reversal Kit delivers healthy skin care to slow down aging without the heavy downside of harsh chemicals entering your body.

Best Way to Improve the Appearance of Aging Skin? 

It comes down to 3 key ingredients.

  1. Stem Cells
  2. Vitamin C
  3. Retinols

3 Habits that will ensure Success (image E)

  1. Consistent, daily usage of prescribed products.
  2. Micro needling of Stem Cell Products
  3. Facial Exercise to include Friction Massage aka Fascia blasting

The Skin Curator's curated kit of products does not include cleansing products. We promote proper cleansing because it is the single most important thing you do for your skin. Making sure your skin is properly cleansed so that you get the most benefits through the penetration of products is key to success. In addition, cleansing advances increased oxygenation and purification of the skin enabling the skin to breathe free of obstruction. You will receive an instructional video on The Skin Curator's multi-level skin cleansing protocol after you purchase the kit. We strongly encourage you to adapt to this system while undergoing the Age Reversal protocol.

This Skin Curator Anti-Aging Kit

Acne Skin

This Skin Curator Age Reversal Kit Age Reversal Kit Includes 


  • 3 Step Cleanse Shir-Gold Deep Cleansing Oil, Skin & Co Whipped Cream Cleanser, Neogenesis Cleansing Gel
  • Dr Taffi Glycolic Toner
  • NeoGenesis Booster
  • Cellex C Hi Potency Serum
  • Cellex C Betaplex Line Smoother
  • Hale & Hush Rare Retinol Serum
  • NeoGenesis Intensive Moisturizer
  • Facial Exercise Tool +Borage Oil
  • Benecell Set with Microroller
  • $816 value for $734


When you purchase our Age Reversal Kit you not only receive all the products you need but you can rest easy knowing they are clean and won't harm your health! In the unfortunate toxic environment, we live in this is an unbelievably valuable and important aspect of good skin care that often gets overlooked. It's what The Skin Curator is all about - delivering superior results with clean products.

  • You receive a complimentary personal consultation valued at $150. Our licensed esthetician will guide you through the process and answer any questions and make sure you are using your products exactly as prescribed and make any adjustments necessary for your skin type. You are not alone on this journey.
  • In addition, you receive an instructional video, detailing every product, what it does, why it's important and how to use them to best suit your skin.

After completing the instructional video, personal consultation, and the Age Reversal Kit you'll have a much greater understanding of how to treat your skin condition and get results. You'll know better as to what works and you'll no longer be lured by marketing ploys promising  results that don't make a marked difference in your skin.

The Skin Curator Commitment to our customers

We are serious about teaching you how to treat aging skin. Our personal consultations and an instructional video are our commitment to your ongoing education. Please understand that aging is a complex process and this kit in no way can answer every issue. It addresses the key concerns about aging skin, wrinkles, loss of vitality, loss of elasticity and skin tone.

Our goal is to empower you with solid information, so you become your own expert. We hope to earn your loyalty throughout your life and be your go-to for the best in clean skin care. 


Stem Cells - The end-all-be-all

+ Stem Cells have an intelligence independent of everything. They have all the necessary stimuli to activate anti-aging processes within the skin. They activate which is different than helping, providing a component or support.

+Stem Cells release molecules to address the breakdown of the skin or a wound. These molecules provide the stimulus necessary for your skin to repair itself exactly the way it naturally should.

+Stem Cells have demonstrated efficacy in rescuing cells from a variety of stress factors.  The choice of stem cell type is crucial for the development of a safe and efficacious secretum to be used in skin care products, such that skin derived stem cells should be used and not bone marrow stem cells. The right formula is key to restoring function and repairing skin.

+Wounds, aging, and autoimmune conditions of the skin involve a disruption of skin homeostasis, especially a disruption of proteostasis. Neogenesis  patented stem cell serum made up of released molecules from multiple types of skin stem cells was shown in clinical study to renormalize homeostasis of the skin, including a renormalization of proteostasis. Dramatic reductions in scarring, pain, redness, and inflammation, more rapid and complete wound healing and an overall enhancement of the appearance of the skin were achieved in several skin conditions.

Vitamin C - The holy grail

  • Vitamin C serums must have a minimum of 12% ascorbic acid in order to deliver superior results. We prefer ascorbic acid because it is the most effective. Clinical Studies have proven the greatest results are achieved in the quickest time with ascorbic acid.
  • Vitamin C serums composed of ascorbic acid don't have a long shelf life, so you must use up the product within 4-5 months of opening.
  • Vitamin C serums must be used consistently every day to influence texture.
  • Vitamin C is best in serum form for superior results.
  • Vitamin C serums should be void of toxic additives that get driven into the skin along with the active properties of ascorbic acid.

Vitamin C assists the skin to produce healthy collagen. The skin cannot be repaired and rebuild without vitamin C. It is that important.

Retinol - The Speedy Gonzalez of cell renewal

  • Retinol is a form of vitamin A, and it is well-known for speeding up cell renewal. It travels down the upper layers of the skin and promotes collagen production while speeding up exfoliation. New cells are rushed to the surface, ousting dead surface cells.
  • Retinol products need to be properly formulated in order to have any efficacy at all. Retinol degrades quickly. The moment you open it or expose it to the light the percentage of retinol decreases. The right formula makes all the difference in the world.
  • The efficacy of retinol depends on the percentage and the type of retinol. There are many forms of retinol. Certain retinols are not effective at all, but they are inexpensive, so formulators use the inexpensive forms to reduce cost. Often times formulators will add a secondary type of retinol to make it appear as though the product has more value.
  • Retinaldehyde is a type of retinol that is only one conversion away from the prescription strength tretinoic acid (aka retinoic acid). Whereas all the other forms of retinol are two or more conversion steps away from the prized effects of tretinoic acid. The end game is to get tretinoic acid for your skin to reap the greatest result. Tretinoic acid is harsh on the skin unless it is used properly. Retinaldehyde is the closest thing to prescription strength tretinoic acid but without the trauma. It is not only the most potent form of over-the-counter retinol, but also the gentlest and most efficacious form, well known for delivering superior results.

Facial Exercise - You work out your body and why not the face?

+One of the best things to do to maintain facial muscle tone is to exercise the face muscles. In the same way we preserve the tone of our body muscles we preserve the structure of the face and tone of the skin simply by doing facial exercise daily.

+Facial exercises increase oxygenation and circulation to the face. You'll remember we said one of the foundational causes of skin aging is the slowdown of blood flow to the skin. The more we can increase circulation the slower we age.

+Facial exercises increase the tone and vitality to the skin. The color of the skin is restored, and overall vibrancy improved.

It's time to trust the skin care experts that will guide you through the process. We don't promise this kit, or any kit or products will take 10 years off your face. Each skin is different, and each skin will experience different results. What we can promise is your skin will be healthier and will look healthier.

The Skin Curator Age Reversal Kit is just the beginning of a skin care journey to skin transformation. Remember the aging you see on your skin didn't happen overnight and while some things may improve quickly it will take a commitment to the program to see the best results. We suggest 6 months on the products before moving on to supplemental products. You will just need to replenish some products while others will last you 6 months.

We also can suggest specific facial treatments to do to enhance results and further improve aging of the skin. We will discuss this in your consultation should you opt for one.

The Skin Curator kit provides you with the first step in your journey to improving the appearance of your skin with a no-nonsense approach, high-quality, clean products and the needed guidance to better understanding and results!