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“One of the most exciting things is to reverse damage right before your eyes and witness transformation. It really proves you have some control of how you age.“

Annaliza Spiga

The Spiga Protocol delivers transformative results, merging European and American methodology, using clean skincare products along with skincare treatments that can be done at home.

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If you’re 35 and over and you are starting to notice signs of aging that weren’t there before you’ll want to learn how The Spiga Protocol can transform your skin.
The hallmarks of The Spiga Protocol are:
  • Interval Challenging
  • 3 step cleansing
  • Skin manipulation
  • Nutritional supplementation
  • The Spiga Protocol consists of four phases. Each phase should be followed in sequential order. Results build over the length of the entire course. Each phase focuses on challenging the skin based o the objective of the phase.

    Each three-month phase incorporates high quality, active products and physical manipulation all of which challenges the skin.

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    Phase Focus is as follows:

    • Phase 1: Release
    • Phase 2: Restore
    • Phase 3: Rebuild
    • Phase 4: Replenish

    The Spiga Protocol is available in an online coaching program. It is captured in a three-month program that focuses on one objective. Each three-month quarter builds upon the quarter before. The result is a dramatic improvement in skin elasticity, clarity and tone. Whether you’re 35 or 65 you should see and feel results.

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    I'mAnnaliza Spiga and I've been in the health and beauty industry for 30 years.It’s my goal to share with my following an approach to preserve and transformthe skin that combines the best of European and American philosophy. TheEuropeans start skincare from a dietary approach and work outwards to thesurface of the skin to build long term results. Whereas, the Americanapproach tends to be more aggressive, focusing on the surface of the skin todeliver fast results.

    Littledid I know that when I began working in my aunt's perfume stores in Rome, Italyas a teenager that I would make a career in beauty. Growing up in the industry Istarted caring for my skin at the age of 13. As cautious as I’ve been, even Ihave gotten burned by some of the overzealous American skin care trends. Iunderstand there is a lot of misleading information and it’s so easy to getcaught up in the trends because we all want results. I’ve spent my careerstudying health and beauty and with decades of experimenting, testing andobserving I’ve fine-tuned a protocol that delivers results.

    Overthe years I've worked for some of the biggest cosmetic companies in the world.So, I learned early on the importance of quality ingredients to protect theskin from environmental elements that accelerate aging. I’ve translated myexperience and information into a curated collection of some of the best clean skincareproducts from around the world that deliver superior results without harmingyour skin over the long term. The Spiga Protocol incorporates thoseproducts.

    Iopened The Skin Curator to offer those discerning consumers who value theimportance of clean skincare and beauty products. The Skin Curator sells heroproducts that deliver a “WOW” effect. Who has time for anything less?

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    "Your Skin is the Story of Your Life" - Annaliza
    Join our online course and learn how to challenge your skin to create lasting change.
  • Reverse damage
  • Reverse fine lines
  • Improve clarity
  • Increase tone
  • Set your skin on a new trajectory and slow down unnecessary aging. You can recapture the vibrancy of your skin with a little effort and The Spiga Protocol.

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