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A BLENDER’S DUO OF OUR BEST-SELLING GIFTS Look no further as we have here a delightful duo of our two our blender’s favorite gifts. Our Turmeric Tea Tales gift set happens to be Oprah’s favorite this year, housing six utterly flavorful & healthy Turmeric teas. The second offering is our blender’s choice of assorted teas which extends you the luxury of our choicest in-house curations from Chai teas, black teas, herbal tisanes, and a detox green tea
A PLETHORA OF HEALTH PROMOTING BENEFITS A regal and wholesome duo that brings your our piquant turmeric teas and the blender’s favorite in-house curations. From the goodness of superfood turmeric to the ultimate detox courtesy of our Green tea blend, there’s so much to offer! Boosts Immunity + Rich in antioxidants + Improves digestion + eases pain and inflammation + Aids weight loss + Relieves nausea + reduces muscle soreness and much more!
GARDEN FRESH TEAS, DIRECT FROM SOURCE We procure garden fresh teas and premium spices, direct from renowned plantations and farms in India, add value & deliver at doorstep to consumers worldwide. By cutting out all middlemen & leveraging technology we are able to make available a much better, fresher cup of tea to consumers.
CURATED BY EXPERTS, KEEPING PREMIUM QUALITY IN FOCUS Our teas, herbs and spices are sourced in the prime of their seasons, within hours of harvest and brought to you directly from renowned gardens and farms. All our products meet FDA standards and are Non-GMO.
TURMERIC TEA TALES - 6 Turmeric Teas Gift Set
A scintillating sun-kissed selection of six appetizing and incredibly healthy Turmeric Teas.
Borrowing from ancient Ayurvedic knowledge, our exclusive range of Turmeric teas bring you super active blends combining the SUPERFOOD 'Turmeric' with a variety of bountiful botanicals like Ginger, Ashwagandha much more!
GLOW Assorted Teas Gift Box - 6 Teas in a Tea Sampler Gift Box
Indulge in a play of flavors with this exquisite gift set of 6 of our most alluring in-house blends. Whats inside the box?
- Hibiscus Rush Herbal Tea Tisane1.05oz10+ Cups
- India's Original Masala Chai Tea1.05oz10+ Cups
- Sweet Cinnamon Masala Chai Tea1.05oz10+ Cups
- Maharaja Breakfast Black Tea1.05oz10+ Cups
- Turmeric Spice Herbal Tea Tisane1.05oz10+ Cups
- Vanilla Spiced Masala Chai Tea 1.05oz10+ Cups