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This  beautifully curated, perfectly sized sample of all our handcrafted products, in one set. Generously sized so you can experience the transformational effects.
The kit contains the full Priya ecosystem - Bliss Renewal Serum to help reveal the inner glow and boost radiance, Phyto Metamorphosis Creme to help deeply hydrate and replenish, Illuminating Eye Essence to help brighten and rejuvenate, and  Beauty Nectar Tincture to help balance and restore.
As with all Priya Apotheca products, golden sound vibrations are imparted into the product in the form of sacred mantras and Tibetan sound bowls. They are designed to increase the products effectiveness at an energetic level and to help experience the “aliveness” of these frequencies of love within you, shifting your awareness and imparting a sense of peace and healing.
Not only conveniently sized treasures for travel, but this thoughtfully designed kit is a great gift!
A good value (retail $68.00).
Please consult individual products for usage directions.