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500 ml. 200 ml.
Unique, vibrant and characteristic scent. The tumultuous Libeccio wind, which is the essence of our sea, conquers Bolgheri and the entire coastline. An now you can bring it at home!
Persistent and strong, it brings flowery and citrus notes which come from the warmest countries of the African shorelines entwining with the local essences of myrtle and juniper. The result is the birth of a unique scent which has strong characteristics of the sea, ever-changing and breathtaking as only Libeccio can be.
Acqua di Bolgheri Libeccio fragrance main notes are: citrus, mirtle, juniper and sweet woods
A special atmosphere is in the air. It is springtime and rays of a warm sun shyly shine ethereal petals of white rose and peach flower. They seem to be a new love, a soft touch for your senses. Their white harmony innate becomes a slightly fruity with silent notes of lemon. They solve themselves in a wake of sweet woods. It is Bolgheri poem that sounds from a special fragrance diffuser. It has label made of embroidered satin and pottery cap with relief crown.
Acqua di Bolgheri Rose frangrance notes are: lemon, rose, peach flower and sweet woods
Scirocco sandy soul blows in a diffuser ideal for your home with oriental temper. Top notes of citrus melt with jasmines and magnolias of Bolgheri to dissolve in a romantic wake of amber and sandalwood.
Acqua di Bolgheri Scirocco fragrance main notes are: strawberry, almond, jasmine, amber and sandalwood
The Cipresso Nobile fragrance, fresh and aromatic, ennoble every room of your home with classic and refined details. A perfume "tall and blunt” that represents the immortal beauty of Bolgheri. The excellence of the cypress together with water notes reveals hints of lavender then dissolving in a precious fresh trail.
Acqua di Bolgheri Cipresso Nobile fragrance main notes are: cypress, bergamot and water notes, lily of the valley and lavender, sclarea sage and sweet wood.