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This is a wonderful kit that includes all the products needed to perform your at home treatments. When friction massage is applied 4-5 times a week the appearance of cellulite will be reduced dramatically. Follow the steps suggested and link to the instructional video to achieve maximum results.

The fasciablasting tools are durable enough to last a life time. The Ashley Black faceblaster and masterblaster tools are all you need for the most effective ceullulite massage. 

Circadia Firming and Shaping Gel heats up the tissue preparing it for blasting. This product will help to get blood flowing, increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage. This helps to restore healthy connective tissue, also known as fascia.

Sacra Cana Dry Body Oil contains ingredients which help to keep tissue healthy and lessen the inflammatory response while keeping the skin properly saturated as it undergoes friction massage. 

The two dry brushes are great to increase circulation after or before your showers. Dry brushing for 5 minutes before your friction massage is also encouraged to maximize results. The nodules on one of the brushes gives you an added option to help increase the massage effect.

Receive COMPLIMENTARY Sacra Cana Dry Body Oil travel size.

A $329 value for just $287 when purchased in this Cellulite Kit.