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FURLESSE Crows: YOU’RE CUTE. (Crow’s feet aren’t)™

Furlesse crows smooth stubborn crow’s feet around the eyes. 
FURLESSE: YOU’RE A 10. (So ditch the elevens!)
Furlesse Line Smoother targets the vertical furrows on the brow. The patches work by smoothing out the skin while holding it in place, preventing unwanted pillow creases and furrowing of the face.
Can be used as a complement to your existing cosmetic injectable routine or can stand on their own as a natural, non-invasive option to relaxing facial lines and wrinkles. Easy to apply and remove Safe to use on the face Use nightly or daily Appropriate for sensitive skin Latex-free, hypoallergenic, BPA-free and fragrance free Clear and comfortable Non-invasive

DIRECTIONS:                                                                                                  Clean your skin as usual. If you moisturize, wait a few minutes until it’s absorbed. Gently smooth your lines and place the patch on your skin. Use nightly for best results. To remove, peel the patch back across itself, from one corner to the other. 30 Day Supply