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Enjoy the look of a well-cured tan but without the investment in time. No need to age your skin senselessly when you can achieve this gorgeous glow in a matter of hours. Everything you need to be camera ready.

1. Dry brush your skin for 10 minutes
2. Shower - apply sugar scrub to remove dead cells
    and allow for a smooth application of your self-tanner.
3. Apply a light layer of Qtica Body Moisturizer over areas of extra                            skin-elbows, knees, heels, knuckles...Let dry.
3. Apply Vita Liberata Foaming Tan Water and spread with your  mitt.  Pass the mitt one time over areas of extra folds of skin - elbows, knees...
4. Let dry completely and apply Qtica Body Intense Total Hydrating   Therapy Lotion. Reapply daily to keep skin hydrated and plump.

Receive free dry brush and tanning mitt with this Self Tanning kit.

$127 value for just  $99