EGF Can Be a Great Skin Rejuvenator.

EGF Can Be a Great Skin Rejuvenator.

Microneedling has been all the rage for quite some time…you see it in
practically every dermatologist’s office and medi-spa. Yet before you
book a series of treatments, it’s important to get all the facts as not all
serums are created equal. In order to heighten the effects of microneedling you'll want to use a superb serum that promotes healing and rejuvenation.

If you’ve never heard of Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), read on because its effect is the closest you'll get to an airbrushed magazine cover!                              
What exactly is EGF? Simply put, epidermal growth factor is present in
the body as a protein and is responsible for skin’s structure and
elasticity. EGF also acts as a cell-communicating messenger which
controls cell growth, differentiation and proliferation needed for firm, elastic skin.

Now, a few drawbacks… As we age, EGF levels decrease which leads to a loss of collagen resulting in wrinkles and loose skin. The limitation with EGF is the size of their molecular structure which makes product absorption challenging. This necessitates the right delivery system in order to get the growth factors where they're needed most. In addition, the process of extracting growth factors properly is expensive adding to the cost of the product. Lastly, the molecules are also hydrophilic (soluble in water) which further impairs their ability to penetrate the skin. Regardless, a limited yet solid number of studies has proven the rejuvenating effects of EGF proteins.   
There is an Amazing Solution.                                                                                 
We've found the products by Benecell – especially their Microneedling
Regeneration System EGF Kit to provide remarkable results.
Benecell utilizes a sophisticated delivery system with liposome technology which effectively transports their serum down to the dermal layer (100 PPM). Since EGFs can remain quite unstable as peptides in skincare formulations, liposome
technology encapsulates the large molecules into a smaller size to allow for greater penetration and thereby vastly improve the appearance of aging skin.      
Developed using cutting-edge technology by R&D scientists, Benecell
EGF serum and cream are created to work with nature and the body’s
natural rhythm to help skin perform better as a whole. At the heart of
each Benecell EGF product are five proven active ingredients: the
highest quality (100 PPM) EGF, Active Benestem Complex, Active Phyto
Complex, Allantoin and Niacinamide. A perfect blend of clinical science
and luxury beauty, Benecell will make the skin glow from the inside out
by improving not only the appearance but the health of the skin.                           
The Benefits of EGF (100ppm) Microneedling Regeneration System:
 Helps relieve the skin of lines, wrinkles and pigment irregularities
 Stimulates the skin to encourage collagen production and
accelerate the skin renewal process
 Safe microneedling roller with an extra EGF 100 Serum maximizes
results and benefits after use
 Works safely and effectively for all skin types as well as all mature or
damaged skin types

We at The Skin Curator have continued success with the Benecell
Microneedling Regeneration System with EGF kit. The EGF serum and cream help repair the skin like no other products we’ve tried, and the results provide a smoother, plumper and more radiant complexion. The visible improvement on menopausal skin as well as young adult skin that we see is very exciting.

Like all new molecules which are being studied and under
experimentation, there is some controversy and contradictory
information. This is because different independent studies have
numerous variations, therefore, it is important to read them and reach
your own conclusion.