Products that are held to a higher standard.

With the information overload on skin care products available online and the sensational claims brands often make, it becomes difficult for consumers to know which products live up to their claims.

In addition, many chemicals used in beauty products are damaging and sometimes dangerous. Most consumers want to steer clear of these ingredients but have no idea where to find results-driven clean product. To learn which products are clean and deliver the results they expect would require the consumer to become versed in scientific terms and commit to thorough research. This is unrealistic.

So, we carefully vetted our curated inventory of the best in class from around the world to offer discerning consumers results and quality. Our inventory of products fall under one of two categories: Safe And Clean or Safe And Organic.


Clean Beauty is about safety over source. That includes both natural and synthetic materials. Not all natural ingredients are safe and not all synthetic ingredients are toxic.  Clean Beauty brands are focused on using ingredients that are safe and effective nor ones that are known to be harmful or irritating.

Our collection consists of hero products from the best and cleanest skin care, makeup and lifestyle brands. 

The Skin Curator is not committed to showcasing an entire brand’s products but rather, we are committed to providing consumers the highest performance, clean products.  

Phases of our Vetting Process

Review ingredients and determine if they are within our Prohibited List. Test the products that pass the first phase on three skin types over a six week period.Pull the highest performance products from this pool, if any, and select the best.

Our products are divided into two groups;  Safe And Clean and Safe And Organic. 


Products in this category are of plant-based and chemical ingredients but without the harshest, common chemicals used in many of the most prestigious brands. These products do not contain chemicals that have been clinically tested to cause harm internally or externally.

1. These products are composed of a mix of organic, natural or chemical.

2. The chemicals used have not shown conclusive scientific evidence to cause deleterious health effects.

3. The product delivers on its claims.

4. The product provides superior results.


These products are the best of certified organic and/or products made with predominantly organic ingredients. Some clean products are made according to the same or similar standards set by organic certified, but do not contain the organic certification. These companies must demonstrate a commitment to clean products and stand behind their sourcing.

1. These products contains ingredients that are any combination of natural, plant sourced or organic.

2. The preservatives used will not harm the skin or health.

3. The product must deliver on its claims.

4. The product provides superior results.

5. The product can be certified organic or ecocert.

6. The product can be made of plant-based natural ingredients yet not contain organic certification.


BHA, BHT,  SLS -sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, formaldehyde,  phthalates, triclosan, Toluene, polyfluoroalkyl substances, PEG compounds,  hydroquinone, benzophenone and their byproduct or related compounds such as; Butoxyethanol, DEA and related substances, PABA, avobenzone, oxybenzone, methoxycinnamate,  methylchloroisothiazolinone,  methylisothiazolinone, triphenyl phosphate, homosalate, mercury compounds  such as thimerisol,  acrylates such as: tetrahydrofurfuryl methacrylate, ethyl acrylate, ethyl methacrylate, methyl methacrylate, butyl methacrylate, hydroxypropyl methacrylate, trimethylolpropane trimethacrylate or aluminum salts, Insoluble Plastic Microbeads, Carbon Black or  Lead/Lead Acetate, exotic animal by-products

We do not support or promote any company that is involved in animal testing at any point within the manufacturing supply chain.

Statements by our loyal Customers

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Loving My New Skin
The place to go for the best products. This is the fastest shopping experience because I don't have to read through 20 different brands of the same product. Every item I've ordered gave more and more results D Reynolds
Wow Fantasico!
Thank you so much for the products you recommend as I saw an improvement on my skin. When a colleague I hadn't seen in 4 months asked if I made botox because I looked younger, I grinned and said, 'You won't believe but it's the result of this protocol I'm following by an expert in Los Angeles.' I look forward to moving onto the second phase in the treatment protocol! Paola S Pavia, Italia 55 years young
3 Months To My Turnaround And Now 3 Years Into It.
I started with Annaliza 4 years ago. I recently was sitting at my desk looking at a picture of myself from 7 years ago and realized I look better today that I did in that picture. I have seen results steadily develop over time and it is evident that the various regiments I have undergone over the years has prevented the lining and loss of firmness you would expect with the passing of time. I am thrilled with my results and I love that the products are clean and so luxurious. Fariba A. Westlake Village, Ca 56 years young
Incredible Results, Finally!
Annaliza Spiga is a master at her craft. She is my skin saving guru! I have her to thank for slowing down the aging and improving my 63 year old skin. I have been following her creative ever-changing skin care protocol for 5 years now. Her treatments, products and advise have made a big difference in the texture, clairity, look and feel of my skin, neck and chest. When I look at my photos from 5 years ago, I believe my skin looks younger and better with fewer lines now than it did when we began her skin care plan. Annaliza understands the science of aging the chemistry of her natural products and somehow manages to prescribe the right products and treatments for me throughout the year. She suggests some nutritious foods and supplements to accompany my skin care products. Most of the products she suggests are well priced, pure ingredients and feel good on the skin. I follow her plan morning and evening, it doesn’t take too much time or cost a fortune. I just let her do her magic and follow the plan religiously. I’m a faithful client and I believe in Anniliza’s protocol completely and have the skin to prove it. Cyndi Nazarian 63 years young