Tired of those unsightly pimples sprouting right before an important event in your life?

We're problem- solving skin care experts that have practiced skin care for over 30 years and here's our program to help clear acne and improve skin texture.

The Skin Curator's clean, curated products reduces acne, redness and irritation. When you purchase the Acne Be Gone Kit our team provides you one complimentary consultation to answer your questions and get you on the right path to brighter, happier clearer skin.

Acne Be Gone Kit

  • Don't throw away money on brands that don't deliver.

  • Stop buying skin care products that promise miracles.

  • Stop buying products promoted by paid influencers and people that aren't experts. Our kit is curated by estheticians for you.

  • No two skins are alike. Skin is as individual and unique as your fingerprint. Acneic skin has additional issues that contribute a trigger action that can worsen a breakout. And because skin is so individual and acneic skins have additional issues to contend with there is a greater chance that what may have worked for your best friend could make your skin worse.
  • Not all products from your favorite brand may produce your ultimate result.
  • We know tried and true methods and ingredients that work. AND we also know there are exceptions. Knowing what works takes years of experience.

That's why we offer you a complimentary consultation to ensure your journey starts off on the right path when you purchase the Acne Be Gone kit.

Acne Be Gone Protocol

It's important to note that the Acne Kit is just one part of the overall treatment protocol. To effectively use the products, you must also understand how to adjust the usage based on your individual skin type and any reactions you may experience.

Rather than constantly searching for the perfect product and trying multiple options haphazardly, it is important to have a cohesive plan in place. The Skin Curator Acne Protocol can provide the guidance and support you need to achieve healthy, clear skin.

Acne Treatment Results

I was at a breaking point with my chronic acne. I tried everything and nothing worked until I started on The Skin Curator protocol. My protocol had to be adjusted because my sensitive skin was reactive, but after guidance from The Skin Curator we got to the result I was wishing for. I'm a school teacher and having to get up in front of my students with terribly broken out skin was very embarassing for me. Today, I couldn't be happier.


My sister had acne that left her scarred. After I saw how clear her skin got using products recommended in her consultation I jumped on it. Fortunately I don't have scarring but bad acne on my forehead. I am free and clear now and glamming it up all the time.


Stress wreaked hell on my once porcelain skin. I couldn't believe how bad it got when I had a constant breakout on my cheeks then my forehead. It was spreading like wildfire. I used so many different things but got no results. Annaliza worked with me and my skin never looked as good.


A lot of my classmates got on acutane to deal with their acne but I read about the side effects and I didn't want to go that route. My mom agreed and got me in to see Annaliza atThe Skin Curator and within months my skin got way clearer. I am so excited with the results, I still get some break outs but nothing compared to before I started. I have to take time every day to follow my protocol but it is worth it. I was also left with a lot of scarring before I started on the protocol but soon we are going to work on that before resorting to laser if it's needed. I'm a high school student and play sports while maintaining a 3.9 GPA and I feel my battle with acne has taught me a lot about health and discipline and self-care. I thank The Skin Curator every time I look in the mirror.

Christian K.

Client Reviews

I had embarassing acne and gave up until a friend told me about The Skin Curator. I bought products and then scheduled a phone consults and that made a huge difference. She switched around what I was using and we added couple products that changed everything. I called back a month later because I was having an issue and they were really helpful. I'm so happy I finally found products that work for me.

Tita V. Phoenix AZ

I had bad acne when I was 16. That's when I started seeing Annaliza. She cleared up my skin in 4 months using products religiously and getting 2 treatments a month. I continued to see here after that on a monthly basis just to maintain my skin. Today I'm still using the products and my acne never came back. I'm 24 and I always get compliments on my skin.

Navid, A | Westlake Village,. CA

I started breaking out overnight. My face was covered in pimples and some blackheads. The Skin Curator created a protocol for me and set me up for a check in once a month. The personal consult was worth the money. My skin look like porcelain once again with only a rare flare up. Now I know how to prevent the flare up from turning into a storm. LOL

Sofie K Oxnard, CA

The Skin Curator was recommended by a friend whose acne was cleared up after having a consultation. My consult prescribed different products than my girlfriend and my skin loved them.. I look like my old self again.

Kayla B Las Vegas, NV

Not only did my acne clear but my brown spots are practically gone. Yikes. I was prematurely aging at 30. I'm having fun trying some of the anti-aging products now. Diggin my results.

Elizabeth W. Fort Lauderdale, FL

After spending literally thousands on products and still having break out and never getting the smooth skin I was after I tried a whole program put together by The Skin Curator. It was a game changer. I could've saved a lot of money if I found them earlier. Definitely worth it.

Lily R Los Angeles, CA

Bought the Neogenesis MB spray and the Ayur Medic Retinol cream and the High Frequency wand. I had to go online to learn how to use the high frequency wand. You should put out a video to show people how to use the tool. That said - Total GAME CHANGER.

Deb Nashua, New Hampshire

Acne Kit FAQ

So, what is Acne?

Acne is the result of the perfect storm of issues.

Acne occurs when dead skin cells and oil from the skin clog hair follicles. Typical features of the condition include whiteheads, oily skin, pimples, blackheads, inflammed and irritated skin and possible scarring. Acne is most common among teenagers, though it affects people of all ages.

Severe acne can cause emotional distress and scar the skin. The earlier treatment is started the better. When treated early chronic acne and the risk of scarring can be averted.

Some of the most common things that cause or contribute to acne.

Common contributors to acne:

  • Poor gut health
  • Poor diet (high in vegetable fats/fried food, low intake of raw vegetables/fruits)
  • Thicker sebum
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Poor immune function on the skin
  • High stress shifts hormonal profile which translates sometimes to acne breakout
  • Allergies could cause break-out; food, environmental, chemical or otherwise

The Skin Curator believes proper cleansing, gentle exfoliation and the use of clean products is the best long-term plan. The curated products in this kit are clean and can be used by sensitive skins as well. The instructional videos explains how sensitive skins will use specific products.

The 3 Key ingredients to combat acne? 

Top 3 ingredients to combat acne:

  1. Salicylic Acid
  2. Vitamin A
  3. Probiotics

What's inside the kit?

The Skin Curator Acne Product Bundle contains:

  1. Taffi Before Treatment Toner
  2. NeoGenesis Salicyic Acid Serum
  3. Taffi Dermopurifying Cream
  4. DNA Supernatural Vitamin A & Acne Control
  5. NeoGenesis MB
  6. High Frequency Ozone Wand

Add the 3 step cleansing system to ensure proper cleansing approximately a 6 month supply for just

3 Step cleansing system

  1. Truffle Cleansing Oil
  2. Mousse Detergente
  3. Dr. Taffi Glycolic Liquid soap

What You Receive Along With the Acne Be Gone kit?

When you purchase The Skin Curator's curated kit for acneic skin you'll receive an informative and detailed instructional video with your purchase so you will have an understanding of why, what, when and how to use the products to produce the best results for you.

And, in addition, we offer a complimentary consultation valued at $150 after your purchase. You can always contact us via email to answer any additional questions.

The Skin Curator Commitment to our Customers

We are serious about teaching you how to treat your acne. Our personal consultations and an instructional video is our commitment to your ongoing education.

It's always there for you. You see, we don't want to sell you once and never see you again.

Our goal is to empower you by giving solid information so you become the expert on your own skin.

We urge that you sign up for our complimentary consult at checkout when purchasing this kit. Our experts will guide you through the process and ensure your success.

Look for the link to the instructional video in your email inbox and drop us a line we love to hear from our customers. Better yet, book your personal consultation and get started today.

You've waited too long for beautiful skin. You do not have to live with acne. You can be done with it and on your way to vibrant skin.