Hyperpigmentation, (aka brown spots) is a skin condition that affects much of the world's population and it doesn't matter whether you're young or old or a man or woman.

Hyperpigmenting of the skin is an equal opportunity aggressor! If you have brown spots or even yellow/grayish blotches of discolored skin you know how it takes away from a youthful appearance. Sometimes hyperpigmentation can make the skin appear dirty or land right above the upper lip giving the appearance of a moustache..

Let's face it hyperpigmentation is simply unsightly. We all strive for even-toned skin. Let's be clear that hyperpigmentation and freckled skin are two different things. Freckled skin is an unique characteristic that shouldn't be altered but celebrated. We're talking about those unmistakable brown spots sitting right on your cheek or forehead.

Skin Texture is another common complaint among women who are looking to achieve glass-like, porcelain skin. Skin texture changes rapidly as we age and not for the better.

Skin Texture Coarse
Skin Texture Coarse
Neck Skin Texture
Neck Skin Texture
Cheek Texture
Cheek Texture

As you age:

  • Pore size enlarges
  • Surface skin loses water, making the skin coarser in appearance
  • Skin over 40 becomes thinner and loses support structure which gives a plumped-up effect
  • Younger skin is more prone to blemishes and oil imbalances causing the appearance of larger pores.


young oily skin

Old Age Large Pores Skin

Just to be clear, there is nothing unhealthy to having larger pores, however most people strive for smoother, more refined skin texture and that entails smaller pores. The kit is a multi-level approach to improving the texture and brightness of the skin.

The Skin Curator tackles hyperpigmentation with products that reduce discoloration but also have a resurfacing effect on the skin. The products improve and refine the texture of the skin leaving a more supple skin while diminishing discoloration.

Improving skin texture will

  • Minimize the appearance of fine lines,
  • Improve pore size
  • Lend translucency to the skin which means skin looks clearer
  • Smooth out surface imperfections
  • Minimize scarring from previous blemishes

Best Ingredients to Improve Hyperpigmentation and Texture?

It comes down to three key ingredients:

  1. Alpha Hydroxy Acids
  2. Vitamin C
  3. Retinols

Three Habits that will Ensure Success:

  1. Consistency in usage of prescribed products
  2. Daily sunscreen usage
  3. Proper cleansing

The Skin Curator kit improves hyperpigmentation by combining products to reduce discoloration and as a byproduct of the enzymatic activity that takes place achieves brighter skin and renders a smoother texture.

Skin Curator Hyperpigmentation Kit

Hyperpigmentation Texture

Here are the valuable goodies you receive when you start your journey to more even-toned, brighter and smoother skin! 

When you purchase the Hyperpigmentation kit you  can rest easy knowing your products are clean and won't harm your health! In the unfortunate toxic environment, we live in this is a very valuable and important aspect of good skin care that often gets overlooked. It's what The Skin Curator is all about - delivering superior results with clean products.

  • A complimentary personal consultation valued at $150. Our licensed esthetician will guide you through the process and answer any questions and make sure you are using your products exactly as prescribed and make any adjustments necessary for your particular skin type. 

  • An instructional video, detailing every product, what it does, why it's important and how to use them to best suit your skin.

After completing the Hyperpigmentation Kit you'll have a much greater understanding of how to treat your skin condition and get results. You'll know better as to what works and you won't be lured by marketing ploys promising results that don't make a marked difference in your skin.

The Skin Curator Commitment to our customers

We are serious about teaching you how to treat your hyperpigmentation. Our personal consultations and an instructional video are our commitment to your ongoing education.

Our goal is to empower you by giving solid information, so you become your own expert. We hope to earn your loyalty throughout your life and be your go-to for the best in clean skin care. Our connection to you helps us improve our product offerings and services to continue our mission to educate and uplift people to achieve the best version of themselves as possible.

Tips to achieve more vibrant skin and diminish hyperpigmentation.

Vitamin C - The Holy Grail

  • Vitamin C serums must have a minimum of 12% ascorbic acid to deliver superior results. We prefer ascorbic acid because it is the most effective. Clinical Studies have proven the greatest results are achieved in the quickest time with ascorbic acid.
  • Vitamin C serums composed of ascorbic acid don’t have a long shelf life so you must use up the product within 4-5 months of opening.
  • Vitamin C serums must be used consistently every day to influence texture.
  • Vitamin C is best in serum form for superior results.
  • Vitamin C serums should be void of toxic additives that get driven into the skin along with the active properties of ascorbic acid.

Vitamin C assists the skin to produce healthy collagen. The skin cannot repair and rebuild without vitamin C. It is that important.

Glycolic Acids - Multi-Action Hero

  • Glycolic acid products must be paired with a sunscreen of at least 30 SPF.
  • Glycolic products should be made with clean ingredients because chemicals combined with acid can have a harmful effect on the skin.
  • Glycolic acid is not only an exfoliant, but it also holds water on the skin.

Retinol Products - The Gold Standard

  • Retinol products need to be properly formulated to have any efficacy at all. Retinol degrades quickly. The moment you open it or expose it to the light retinol begins to degrade.
  • The efficacy of retinol depends on percentage and the type of retinol. There are many forms of retinol. Certain retinols are not effective at all, but they are inexpensive, so formulators use the inexpensive forms to reduce cost. Often formulators will add a secondary type of retinol to make it appear as though the product has more value.
  • Retinaldehyde is a type of retinol that is only one conversion away from the prescription strength tretinoic acid (aka retinoic acid). It is the most expensive form of retinol and isn’t often used in creams and serums because it is costly. However, it is not only the most potent form of over-the-counter retinol, but also the gentlest and most efficacious type. It is well known for delivering superior results.
Before Treatment
After treatment



This Skin Curator Hyperpigmentation Kit is for ALL skin types but very sensitive. The kit is made up of non-toxic ingredients and delivers superior results.

Skin Curator Hyperpigmentation Kit

Acne Skin
    • Shir-Gold Cleansing Oil 
    • La Rosa Creme Mousse 
    • Dr. Taffi Glycolic Liguid Soap 
    • Dr. Taffi Before Treatment Lotion Toner 
    • Dr. Taffi 12% Glycolic Cream 
    • Cellex C Betaplex Line Smoother 
    • NeoGenesis Intensive Moisturizer 
    • Cellex-C High Potency C Serum 
    • Hale & Hush Rare Retinol Serum 
    • Dr Taffi 24% Glycolic Mask 
    • $506 value for $455

Stop spending money on marketing gimmicks promising results that don't work. Spend your money wisely and get the results you deserve. Treat your skin to clean products that deliver the visible results you want.

  We suggest 6 months on the products before moving on to the next phase. 

The Skin Curator kit provides you with the first step in your journey to improving hyperpigmentation with a no-nonsense approach and at an affordable cost. Expect products in the kit to last from 3-6 months.