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3.4 oz.

Top: Lemon, Lime
Middle: Guava Nectar, Fresh Pineapple
Base: Jojoba Butter

Although Orchid and Ash's Ritual Spray are safe when used as a room and linen spray, we recommend using these lovely scents as a body treat. The sprays contain a trace of oil and will leave some  oil residue  on linens so we advise applying directly to the skin.

Scents are so light and lovely they will add a little depth to any fragrance you may spray over it or simply use it alone ans delight in all-over yumminess.                      

Ritual Sprays are skin safe and make an amazing + clean body mist. Simply shake + spritz whatever makes your heart the most happy.                    

DIRECTIONS:                                                                                                               Simply shake + spritz whatever makes your heart the most happy. Please note, due to this product being 100% natural, there may be separation inside the bottle, so be sure to shake before every use! Store in a cool place away from the sun.

INGREDIENTS:                                                                                                            organic cane alcohol, 100% natural fragrance                                  

Toxin-Free: contains absolutely no reproductive, acute or organ toxins.                                                                                              

Phthalate-Free: phthalates have been shown to be harmful to our bodies and reproductive systems, and our ritual sprays have *none* in them.                                                                                     

Carcinogen-Free: carcinogens are known to cause cancer, and our ritual sprays have zero.                                                                

Mutagen-Free: mutagens can negatively alter our genetic makeup

Vegan + Cruelty Free: forever + always.                                                

All-Natural: zero synthetics or additives, everything quite literally, comes straight from nature.

  • All Ritual Spray fragrances are 100% all-natural and ISO 9235 certified, meaning they are derived directly from plants as essential oils and isolates; cruelty free, completely non-toxic and vegan. No synthetics, ever.