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50 ml.

When we think of Grapefruit & Basil, we think of a natural fragrance, of freshness, of a tonic and invigorating fragrance, of a simple and powerful accord.
I wanted to accompany this duo of ingredients with blackcurrant in the top note, to give the fragrance some sparkle, a hook.
The heart also wants to be very natural around essential oils of carrot, clary sage and lily of the valley.
In the background, the freshness is always present with rose, crisp green rose, a morning rose, with jasmine also for its airy and transparent side. A touch of elegance is brought by the presence of musks."Good Mood: when composing this accord, our master perfumers wanted to offer a sparkling eau de parfum that stimulates your energy.
Sublime fresh and invigorating combination of Grapefruit & Basil.                                 Blend of 4 essential oils with energizing and invigorating properties.                       Artisanal Eau de Parfum 100% made in Grasse (France).                                                       - Family: Citrus
- Top notes / the first encounter: Cassis, Grapefruit, Basil,
- Heart notes / the present moment: Carrot, Lily of the valley, Clary sage,
- Base notes / the faithful memory: Jasmine, Rose, Musk